Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rank of Hamlet Characters based on Performance

Rank of Hamlet Characters based on Performance:

Gertrude: She has stayed true to her role the whole play. She is Hamlet's mother and Claudius's wife. Yet she becomes very interesting at the end of the play. Did she want to kill herself with the wine or not? If she did she put on a great performance because none of the characters believe she deliberately killed herself.

Ophelia: I do not believe Ophelia goes mad after she discovers the death of her father. She instead has a wondrous method to her insanity. She gives out flowers to some of the characters for their traits. This is extremely introspective and reveals that she understands what is going on more than most of the other characters. Yet, again most of the characters believe she is mad even though it is an act. This makes her successful.

Hamlet: Is Hamlet really mad or not? I do not believe Hamlet is mad. I believe that Hamlet has too much emotion and rage bottled up inside himself which he does not know how to place. His motive for acting insane is unclear throughout the whole play. Most characters believe he is insane which makes his successful in his performance. Yet, since his motive is unclear, what is the point of his performance?

Claudius: Claudius does a lousy job at performance throughout the whole play. First off, he cannot keep his face from going white after watching Mousetrap. Secondly, Hamlet sees right through his plan to have the English king slay Hamlet. He is successful is pretending he is praying during 3.3, but he was not acting then. He was simply being himself and thought he was alone.

Rosencrantz/ Guildenstren: Hamlet sees right through their perfromance. They attempt at being Hamlet's friend but fail miserably. I will give them the benefit of the doubt that Hamlet is suspicious of most and sees right through many lies though. They do not succeed one bit in convincing the Hamlet they are not working with the King.

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